MAP Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Automatic Flow Wrapper to package fresh products with Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Our last Flow Pack Wrapper, the AFSA model, is a completely automated Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment ensuring your products bagging by unit, with a top and two cross sealings, for long dwell hermetic bags.

Unlike our other model of Flow Pack Wrapping machine, the particularity of this equipment is its ability to maintain the products freshness thanks to a conservation gas injection into each pack. Depending on the measure made, an analyzer corrects instantaneously the gas dosing.

Equipment designed for the packaging of fresh products such as cheese portions, pastries, bakery products

AFSA Flow Wrapper performances

  • Up to 150 wrapped products per minute
  • Ultrasonic longitudinal sealing
  • Double reel holder with Automatic Reel Splicing possible (ARS)
  • Empty bags ejection
  • Adjustable forming device
  • Quick formats changeover

Products that can be processed by this Flow Pack Wrapping Machine

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