[kc_row use_container="yes" force="no" column_align="middle" video_mute="no" _id="246737"][kc_column width="12/12" video_mute="no" _id="855159"][kc_column_text]Process Expo will take place from October 23-25 at Mc Cormick, in Chicago, Illinois. iXAPACK GLOBAL USA will be present at this event. Located on booth #5335, our local sales team will be happy to introduce you to introduce our range of

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iXAPACK GLOBAL USA will be part of the upcoming Pack Expo fair which takes place for this edition in Las Vegas. Our sales team will be there to welcome you on our partner's booth, Alliedflex, to introduce our different technical solutions applicable to your end-of-lines. Wraparound, SRP, trays, RSC... Our

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Event for which we have been participating in for many years, Interpack will be the opportunity for us to introduce our latest model of Case Packer, which allows the shaping, loading and closing of cases via a single piece of equipment, for a fully automated Case Packing process managed by

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Meet our sales team at the next All4Pack exhibition which will take place from November 21st to 24th in Paris. The long-awaited return of this international show dedicated to packaging will be the opportunity to introduce you all our machines ranges specialized in end of conditioning lines. During the event,

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Our sales team will be present at the next Pack Expo show which will be held from October 23 to 26, 2022 in Chicago. Weighing, Cutting, Wrapping, Packing, our new end-of-line equipment will be introduced, such as our Top Load Cartoner / Case Packer, as well as our palletizing solutions.

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Meet our sales team at the Hispack exhibition in Barcelona from 24 to 27 May 2022. Our latest version of the Case Packer will be exhibited, equipment allowing the forming, filling and closing of your multi-format cases. Our TG3-A Checkweigher model will also be presented on this occasion. iXAPACK GLOBAL

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iXAPACK GLOBAL will participate in the Dairytech exhibition which takes place from 25 to 27 January 2022 in Moscow, Russia. It will be an opportunity for us to meet you again and present our solutions for dairy products. Indeed, whether it is for cutting cheese (in portions or slices), wrap

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Ixapack Global wish you a Happy New Year 2022! For 2022, we continue to support you by offering flexible equipment adapted to your products: Cutting and slicing: Ultrasonic cutting in portions or slices for Dairy Products, Pastries, Cold Meats… Weighing and Labelling: Weighing, Labelling, Metal Detection of all product types Wrapping: Flow Wrapper and X-Fold Wrapping machine End of line: Cartoning and Case

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During this period, our services will be closed on Fridays 24th and 31st December afternoon. An urgent need for your machines? Don’t worry, a technical permanence will still be assured to intervene remotely and answer your requests. We will still be reachable at this number: +33 549 820 580 or by email, directly

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Our team will be delighted to welcome you from the 4th to the 8th of October at the Agroprod Mash event in Moscow, Pavillion 1, Stand 1C25, in partnership with the company Ostpack. Come and discuss with us during this event to obtain a customized support for the definition and

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Ixapack Global manufactures a range of High Performance machines for your production control and product identification: Checkweigher, Combi Checkweigher with Metal Detection, Weighing/Labelling Module. TG3-A Checkweigher This equipement allows an Accurate weight control and Precise ejection of non compliant products at fast speed, from light Weighing up to 30kg in

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For 2021, our technical team remains at your disposal to offer flexible smart solutions within 4 ranges of equipment: Cutting and slicing: Ultrasonic Intelligent cutting in portions or slices for Dairy Products, Pastries, Cold Meats... Weighing & Control: Weighing, Labelling, Metal Detection of all product types Wrapping: Flow Wrapper and

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All iXAPACK GLOBAL teams wish you an excellent holiday season! During this period, our services will be closed on Thursdays 24th and 31st December afternoon. An urgent need for your machines? Don't worry, a technical permanence will still be assured to intervene remotely and answer your requests. We will still

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Alternative equipment for various productions To complete its Weighing, Utrasonic Cutting, Primary and Secondary packaging ranges, iXAPACK GLOBAL offers peripheral equipment for more diversified packaging processes. Case and Tray Formers for low-volume production Loading Islet for machine infeed Transit Tunnel for pouches, pots Rack Loading/Unloading system... All these specific but essential machines for a

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iXAPACK GLOBAL will be present on October 29th at the Intekprom Dairy 2020 event, a one-day conference/exhibition in St Petersburg, dedicated to dairy equipment and industries. This is the opportunity for the company to offer its solutions of ultrasonic cutting machines such as the Portioning machine, Dividing machine, which allow

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Following the announcement of the different national and international exhibition cancellations, the whole food industry is in turmoil. Indeed, these events, which are not-to-be-missed moments, represent privileged opportunities to meet industrials and to listen to their projects. Despite the successive and understandable cancellations of such many events, one of iXAPACK

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iXAPACK GLOBAL's latest news: Equipment in progress, Welcoming of students, After-Sales Service, Despite the sanitary crisis: we're still very active! Right now in our workshops! A complete line of pouches: composed of 2 Top Load Cartoners and a Case Packer, this line can process up to 385 products/min. A few more adjustments, and

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Discover our manufacturing process, 100% French-made and based in a single production site, in the West of France. A single contact point at your disposal for 3 creation phases of your machines: Design, Manufacturing and Monitoring, handled entirely in-house. Phase 1: Study and design Creation of the preliminary project within

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To palletize your Cases, Bundled packs, Bags or Buckets, you need a Compact, Modular and Secure equipment. At iXAPACK GLOBAL, these essential criterias for your logistic are our priority! For a layer, a row or a unit picking, our Palletizing solutions are flexible, enabling a cases column or crossed stacking

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Applicable to all types of production, our SELVEX Checkweighing and Control range allows the Weighing, Labelling and Identification of metallic elements. Equipped with a high performance HMI enabling recovery of production data, each piece of equipment also includes modular elements depending on the products (ejections, products recovery, speed control...).    

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To overwrap, iXAPACK GLOBAL offers two compact and flexible pieces of equipment allowing high-speed sleeving, with a top or bottom gluing: The Top Load and IS Sleeving Machines, suitable for many trays-type products, cans, yogurts, pots, baby food... TOP LOAD SLEEVING MACHINE The Top Load Sleeving Machine allows a single product

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In these unprecedented times when travelling is restricted and everyone's health is essential, choose a remote maintenance solution of your equipment. Connected monitoring with access of our teams to the different machine parts (several degrees of access available) Optimal support for your operators in the handling of settings and maintenance

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Engineering, Manufacturing, Advices, Installation and follow-up: A complete offer at all levels Rely on iXAPACK GLOBAL's expertise to follow you through the whole project: Projects study with footprint proposals, flow management, speed evolutions,  packaging optimization, technical solutions... Machines' complete manufacturing in our workshops and installation of your conditioning line by our technicians in your facilities

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For all your products in cases and trays, iXAPACK GLOBAL offers the ICP Case Packer, a fully automated equipment, enabling in 3 steps to shape, fill and close your cardboard packaging, within one single machine. An ergonomic equipment adapted to your products diversity and also to your operators. CASE SHAPING

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From 18th to 21st of February, we will be at the DairyTech exhibition in Moscow, Russia, on Pavilion 2, Hall 6 - Stand A271. During this event, take the opportunity to discover our complete equipment range, applicable to cheese and dairy products. Ultrasonic cutting machines, for cheese variable or fixed

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To cut a multitude of products at fixed and variable weights, our cutting range has been developed to meat quality and precison criterias, as well as hygiene standards that define the industrial sector.   DIVIDING MACHINE - SDM  Developed to meet the needs of the cheese sector, this equipment allows ultrasonic

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iXAPACK GLOBAL offers several equipment solutions for your products cartoning. Sleeving with pre-shaped cartons or not, our machines are designed to package your products coming from the food and cosmetic industries: bags, trays, doypacks, pots, bottles… TOP LOAD CARTONER ITC The Top Load Cartoner makes it possible to shape cartons

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As a PPMA member, we will be exhibiting at the next edition of the PPMA Total Show in Birmingham, UK from 1 to 3 of October 2019, on stand G14. This major event for the food and cosmetic industry is the opportunity for us to introduce our 3 ranges of

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In a couple of days, on June 25 and 26, we will be at Packinnove, in Lille, FRANCE. This event, based on appointments between clients and suppliers will give us the opportunity to introduce all our machinery range. If you are present at this event as well and you are

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iXAPACK GLOBAL will be present at the end of the month at Rosupack, an international exhibition for the labeling and packaging sector, from 18th to 21st of June 2019. This event, which will takes place in Moscow (Russia) is the opportunity for us to meet our clients and to introduce

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