Find out the manufacturing secrets of your machine!
23 Jul 2020

Find out the manufacturing secrets of your machine!

iXAPACK GLOBAL: one single manufacturing site for all your equipment

Discover our manufacturing process, 100% French-made and based in a single production site, in the West of France. A single contact point at your disposal for 3 creation phases of your machines: Design, Manufacturing and Monitoring, handled entirely in-house.

iXAPACK GLOBAL study and design

Phase 1: Study and design

Creation of the preliminary project within our Commercial Project Office for a technical design to precisely define the equipment to be put in place before its validation, according to given specifications.
Then, our various design offices take over. Mechanism, electricity, IT, and automation, no aspect of the machine’s design is left to chance!

Creation of iXAPACK GLOBAL machine

Phase 2: Manufacturing

After the 3D design of the machine and all its elements, the assembly is transmitted to our manufacturing departments: Machining, Turning Milling, Robot Welding, Cabling… Each element that makes up your equipment (parts, cables, chassis, connectors…) is manufactured, machined, folded, welded in our workshops, for a made-to-measure fabrication adapted to your request.
Each machine is then pre-assembled and assembled (still in our own workshops) for the test phases.
After few final adjustments, your equipment is ready to be delivered!

Installation and follow-up of your line

Phase 3: Installation and follow-up

For a “turnkey” installation of your line, our team comes to your workshops to commission, adjust your equipment and train your operators. Constant monitoring is also ensured with our after-sales service, always ready to intervene to deliver your spare-parts that we keep in stock, ensure the maintenance of your machines and support you in the development of your production.

If you have a project and need expertise, please contact us. We’ll study the right solutions for you! [email protected]



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