SELVEX: Cutting, Weighing & Labelling Machines

SELVEX is a leading brand in the manufacture of cutting and slicing machines dedicated to the cheese industry. Our Dividing Machines, Portioning Machine or Slicing Machine respect your products and are higly accurate. SELVEX is also a wide range of equipment specialized in the weighing and labelling of bare or packaged products. The SELVEX Checkweighers are certificated by independent bodies to meet the food and cosmetics industries standards.

AUCOUTURIER: Wrapping Machines

AUCOUTURIER has more than 45 years of experience and hundreds of companies worldwide equipped with packaging and bagging machines. Our Flowpacks and X-fold Wrapping Machines have been fully designed redevelopped to meet current standards: reliability, hygiene and robustness. AUCOUTURIER is a full brand belonging to iXAPACK GLOBAL. Then, only our technicians are able to provide you spare parts, audits and installation monitoring,

iXAPACK PACKAGING: Secondary Packaging Machines

iXAPACK PACKAGING is specialized in secondary packaging machines. Cartoner, Sleever, Case Packer, Palletizer are designed, manufactured and installed by iXAPACK PACKAGING. Our priority is to offer you packaging machines…

iXAPACK GLOBAL has developed these 3 brands to offer you complete and turn key packaging lines.

Which enables you to have only one signle supplier for all of your ends of lines.

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