Automatic Industrial Labeller - iXAPACK GLOBAL

Preprinted labels application

This Automatic Industrial Labelling Machine allows, with a wipe-on process, to apply your label formats of different shapes on a wide range of products.

Several versions available to provide flexibility and ease of use. Different features and options can be added for a tailor-made labelling process, entirely deigned in-house by our team to suit perfectly to your products.

3 label application types:
Horizontal labeller: top label application
Upright labeller: side label application
Bottom labeller: label application from below
All different application types can be carried out at the same time on products.

2 reel width formats:
HP 110: handles labels from 20 up to 110 mm
HP 220: handles labels from 20 to 220 mm

Due to its modular design, this equipment can be easily integrated to production lines and added to a Checkweigher or a Checkweigher with MD.

Equipment features & performances

  • Easy access to all equipment parts
  • Space-saving equipment
  • Fast and simple reel change
  • Adjustable height and depth
  • Computer-controlled labelling machine that accepts 50 programs
  • Detection cell of transparent labels
  • End reel detection

Products that can be processed by this machine

This Automatic Industrial Labelling Machine is suitable to all food, cosmetics and other industries.

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