Automatic Industrial Labeling Machine - Selvex

Preprinted labels placing

This HP SELVEX automatic labeler allows, by licking process, applying your label fomrats on a wide range of products.
Several versions are available to provide great versability and easy use to this labeler.
3 types of placing:
– Horizontal labeler: places the label from above
– Vertical labeler: places the label from side
– Inverted labeler: places the label from below
2 types of format (width) :
– HP 110 : supports labels from 20 to 110 mm
– HP 220 : support labels from 20 to 220 mm
The industrial automatic labeler also allows labeling products above, below and on sides at the same time.

Benefits & advantages

  • 4-inch color touch screen
  • Easy access to all labelling machines
  • Compact machine
  • Fast and simple coil change
  • Height-adjustable and in-depth foot pedal
  • Computer-controlled labelling machine that accepts 50 programs
  • Detection cell of transparent labels
  • End reel detection

Produits pouvant être traités par cette machine

Meat / Poultry

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Dairy Products

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Frozen Products

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