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Pasteurization or cooler Tunnel*

As the pouch market is becoming increasingly important all over the world, iXAPACK PACKAGING has designed solutions to offer you complete lines dedicated to this product.

The ITT Handling Tunnel for pasteurization or cooling is an essential device for the production of pouches.

It allows you to pasteurize or cool* your pouches for an optimum preservation.

Pouches enter the Pasteurization or Cooling Tunnel through a transfer module and are placed onto the suspended trays.

They go through the Tunnel for a period of time defined by speed and necessary pasteurization and cooling time.

Pouches exit from the Tunnel through a motorized transfer module that unload the suspended trays.

Pouches are driven owards the end of line to be overpacked.

*iXAPACK GLOBAL does not supply heating and cooling devices as welle as the insulation partitions.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Design in painted steel and chains in pre-stretched steel
  • FIFO type storage
  • Positive control & maintain product orientation
  • Minimize product damage
  • Improve production efficiencies
  • Flexible & Customized to fit to building size
  • Maximize the ergonomic layout

Products that can be processed by this machine

Pouches | Doypack


Pouches | Doypack


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