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Products Weighing and Labelling - Weigh/Price Module

The Weighing and Labelling Module enables to label all king of items as per its corresponding weight, allowing to print prices per kilo and product weight in addition to legal information.

This Weigh Price Labeller is composed of a TG3-A Checkweigher and a print/apply labelling system. Labels are printed on demand, each time a product passes on the weighing conveyor.
Label application is customizable and can be carried out vertically, horizontally or reversed, labelling products from below. 

Its stainless steel design on a hygienic tubular frame allows an easy maintenance and prevents liquid as well as products retention. Its conveyor belts are removable within seconds without tools.
The great particularity of this Weighing Labelling module is in its design made of standards parts, with a user-friendly HMI to perform remotely possible modifications and troubleshootings.

This equipment can be easily integrated to existing lines due to modular design.
Production statistics are saved and retrieved on .csv format with USB stick or through Eternet networking.
iXAPACK GLOBAL has developed its own software to provide you precise and detailed production data, for a high efficiency in your Weighing and Labelling process.

Equipment features & performances

  • Touch screen PC 15’’
  • Operator’s guide through intuitive HMI
  • Different applicators available depending on the shape of your products: Foam roller, Cylinder or Suction Belt
  • Light and/or soun alarm signal
  • Removable belts without tool
  • Simple and robust design
  • High reliability in weighing precision

Products that can be processed by this machine

The Weighing Labelling Module is suitable for: Dairy Market, Ready meals, snacks/confectionery, pork meat, poultry, products in trays…

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