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Film Wrapping with X-folds

The range of AX50 wrapping machine is specifically designed for X-fold film wrapping of products at slow or medium speed (from 30-35 packets/min) in the sectors of the biscuits and waffle industry, hygienic products or others. The AX50 wrapping machine is able to wrap products by units or in groups, or laid flat or stacked. The feeding can be done manually or automatic depending on your needs.

Quality of the finished product:
– X-fold wrapping that’s as close as possible to the product
– Distribution of different mechanical movements by the camshaft avoiding any desynchronization and guaranteeing a consistent final appearance
– Successful wrapping of material by mechanical clamps guaranteeing good positioning of the wrapping material for products
– Precise tracking of the film impression through photocells

Benefits & advantages

  • Perpendicular infeed belt for the AX50.34 and inline radial bar chain for the AX50.78
  • Separation and introduction of product to wrap by pusher
  • Positive unwinding of the material by mechanical pliers
  • Simple or double fold longitudinal sealing

Products that can be processed by this machine

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