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Top Load cartoning

iXAPACK PACKAGING has developed a brand new range of sleeving machine which answer to the quality standards of industrials. The new Top Load Cartoner has been developed according to four criteria essential to competitiveness: flexibility, speed, ergonomics and design.

The Top Load Cartoner allows you to form carton packaging from flat blanks, automatically introduce products with the aid of one or several (up to five) tripod robots and to close the case which can be of type Wrap, four glued corners or display. It can reach speeds up to 70 cases/minute depending on the product.

Product packaging
– Individual or over wrapped
– Flat
– Edgewise (with the possibility to place the product flat and place it on the edge)
– Mono or multi-layer/row

Benefits & advantages

  • For maximum productivity, the Top Load cartoner is entirely equipped with Brushless motors, which allows for rapid and totally automatic format changes
  • It offers maximum ergonomics due to large folding doors allowing total access to the machine interior for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • It is equipped with a fully accessible blanks store, for low stress manual loading for the operators.
  • It allows for better conductivity, due notably to a 15-inch colour touch screen fully integrated to the frame.
  • Its design is modern and attractive.
  • Its frame is completely closed on the top to limit dust and especially to minimize noise impacts.

Products that can be processed by this machine

Dairy Products

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Pouches / Doypack

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Prepared Meals / Snacks

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Frozen Products

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