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Case Packing of all your products

iXAPACK PACKAGING has developped a brand new Case Packer designed to shape carton packaging from laid flat blanks, automatically introduce products thanks to one, two or three tripod robots and close the case that can be wrap type, display, 4 glued corners, …
The iXAPACK PACKAGING Case Packer, with its 3 robots, can reach a production speed of 25 cases per minute.
To facilitate the operators work and also reduce the downtimes between two productions, formats changeovers are fully automatised. Only the robots grippers should be change manually but without tools.
The iXAPACK PACKAGING automatic case packer also provides you the possibility to mix the products loading: various tastes, shapes or containers in only one single case.
iXAPACK PACKAGING pays specific attention to your operators daily work on its wrap Case Packers. The ICP Case Packer has been developed and designed for an easy and quick handling, maximum erognomics and productivity real-time monitoring.

Benefits & advantages

  • The Case Packer is completely equipped with Brushless motors for rapid and automatic format changes
  • It offers maximum ergonomics due to large “accordion” door allowing full access inside the machine to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.
  • It is equipped with a fully accessible blanks store, for low stress manual loading for the operators.
  • Its frame is completely closed on the top to limit dust and especially to minimize noise impacts.

Products that can be processed by this machine

Meat / Poultry

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Frozen Products

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