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Cheese Portioning Machine : Accuracy and respect for your products

The SPM SELVEX Portioning machine is designed for the Ultrasonic blade cutting of blocks in slices or in smaller blocks for the cheese, pastry, confectionery, meats… industries. Associated with a weighing device and a product shape modeling device, the Portioning Machine is suitable for fixed weight cutting. Equipped with a cutting head, the Portioning Machine can reach production speeds up to 120 cuts per minute.
For the Portioning Machine, SELVEX worked to design the equipment to meet the industry highest standards, both by its technology (Ultrasonic blade set, Brushless motors, Laser measuring cells, remote maintenance modem) and by the compliance with the hygiene regulations, its cleanability, ergonomics and operators safety.

Benefits & advantages

  • Stacking of slices: upright, staggered or zig-zag
  • Stacks reassembling
  • Disposal of heels and first slices via standard conveyor lift
  • High-pressure cleaning possible

Products that can be processed by this machine

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