Ultrasonic Cutting Machine - Selvex

Ultrasonic Cutting

The SELVEX rounded tray dividing machine is an equipment developed for ultrasonic cutting of round cheese into angular portions. Equipped with one or two cutting heads, the dividing machine can reach up to 80 cycles per minute (depending on the product).

Several types of cutting are supported by the dividing machine:
– Fixed weight cutting: determined by weight or modelling stations (3D ou X-ray). Fixed weight cutting meets the European TU1/TU2 standards
– Variable weight cutting: meets a set cutting angle
– Calculable variable weight cutting: weight definition with distribution of the any drop based on all portions, while meeting the standards European TU1/TU2.

Ultrasound Technology
Ultrasonic cutting uses a special blade called “sonotrode," which vibrates at a frequency between 20 and 30 kHz. This vibratory frequency is obtained from an ultrasound generator. As a result, the sonotrode acts like an alternating moving knife that repeats itself 20,000 times per second.

The result is a significant reduction in the cutting effort and very low contamination of the product. This technology is therefore particularly suited for cutting fragile products.

Benefits & advantages

  • Cutting a variety of formats without changing tools
  • Dividing machine equipped with rounded trays (trays on which products are cut) composed of a special coating that supports repeated cuts from blades without corrupting them.
  • Display of statistics, instructions and defects, format setting and memorization via 15-inch color touch screen,
  • High-pressure cleaning possible

Products that can be processed by this machine

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