FOCUS ON – Peripheral conditioning equipment range
12 Oct 2020

FOCUS ON – Peripheral conditioning equipment range


Alternative equipment for various productions

To complete its Weighing, Utrasonic Cutting, Primary and Secondary packaging ranges, iXAPACK GLOBAL offers peripheral equipment for more diversified packaging processes.

All these specific but essential machines for a large number of productions are 
solutions iXAPACK GLOBAL can offer.



Tray and Case Former 

For low and medium output productions, iXAPACK GLOBAL has developed: The RSC Case Former and the ITF Tray Former.

The first one shapes Regular Slotted Cartons with bottom closing by adhesive.
The second one forms trays to head them to a loading islet.


Loading Islet ILI

To ensure the transfer of products within pre-formed cases/trays or to feed a conveyor at machine input (Flow Wrapper machine type), iXAPACK GLOBAL offers the ILI Loading Islet, an easy-to-use equipment with a small footprint for easy integration in  your workshops.

Pastries, ready meals, Confectionery, surgical masks… Numerous product applications are possible!


Transit Tunnel ITT

Essential for any production of pouches and pots, the Transit Tunnel allows the pasteurizing or cooling to ensure preservation. The tunnels can also store your products before heading to packaging solutions (cartoning, case packing…)
*The cooling and heating systems are not provided by iXAPACK GLOBAL

Tunnel crossing in a defined time, adaptable to the speed and time of pasteurizing or cooling required by your products.


Rack Loader/Unloader ITL

Robotic solution to send products to sterilization, pasteurizing, storage or refining systems.

Prior to loading, the Rack Loader destacks the empty racks, places the products on the racks and re-stacks.

Downstream, the Rack Unloader unloads the racks to transfer the products to their packaging.

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