[FOCUS ON] Our Weighing, Labelling, Control range
11 Feb 2021

[FOCUS ON] Our Weighing, Labelling, Control range

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Ixapack Global manufactures a range of High Performance machines for your production control and product identification: Checkweigher, Combi Checkweigher with Metal Detection, Weighing/Labelling Module.


TG3-A Checkweigher

This equipement allows an Accurate weight control and Precise ejection of non compliant products at fast speed, from light Weighing up to 30kg in Dynamic.

All our Checkweighers are equipped with:

  • a hygienic stainless steel tubular frame
  • an intuitive statistics software for data tracking and analysis
  • a simplified HMI, enabling fast format changeovers

Flexible integration in Production Lines due to modular design, available in IP65 or IP69K protection rating (proven resistant to most caustic detergent & high pressure cleaning).

To respect your products quality, we designed customizable ejections:
anti-rotating cylinder, flippers, tilting belt or blowing system.

Ejection can be carried out in stainless steel trays or on roller tables.

Checkweigher with MD

Added to a CEIA metal particle detector, this equipment enables to check the weight and identify ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel elements within each product passing on its modular belt conveyors.

Possibility to send production data to your upstream process machine.


Weighing/Labelling Module

The Weighing/Labelling Module allows to label products according to their weight, making possible to indicate prices per kilo & products weight in addition to legal info.

The Weighing/Labelling Module is composed of a TG3-A Checkweigher and a Print/Apply Labeller.
Printed on demand, labels are applied each time a product passes on the weighing conveyor, with a suitable applicator.

HP110 | HP 220 Labeller

This Industrial Automatic Labeller allows the application of your pre-printed labels to a wide range of products.
Several versions available, for a customized equipment: horizontal, vertical or reverse labels application.


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