News | [FOCUS ON] Our complete range of ultrasonic cutting equipment
14 Jan 2020

News | [FOCUS ON] Our complete range of ultrasonic cutting equipment

To cut a multitude of products at fixed and variable weights, our cutting range has been developed to meat quality and precison criterias, as well as hygiene standards that define the industrial sector.


Machine pour coupe le fromage iXAPACK GLOBAL


Developed to meet the needs of the cheese sector, this equipment allows ultrasonic cutting of cheese wheels into angular portions.
Equipped with rounded trays able to support the blades’ blows without altering them, its feeding system allows a speed that can reach up to 180 cuts/min (depending on the product).

  • Ideal to cut cheese at fixed, variable and calculated weight.
  • Cheese modeling by 3D vision or X-Rays for ultra-precise cuts.
  • Possibility to cut several types of cheese without changing tools.


Module de coupe iXAPACK GLOBAL


Equipment able to cut multiple products such as pies, quiches, pizzas, pastries or cheese.
Its flexibility also allows it to cut frozen products, at a speed that can reach up 48 cuts/min (depending on the product).

  • Space-saving equipment, it fits perfectly to a production line.
  • Cleam with foam gun
  • Possibility to put a system that cleans automatically the blade between each recipe.


Portionneuse machine de coupe ixapack global


The SPM Portioning Machine is suitable for ultrasound cutting of blocks into portions or into blocks of a smaller size for products like cheese, pastries, confectionery, cooked meats.
Ultra fast, it can reach a speed up to 150 cuts/min (depending on the product).

  • Ideal for fixed weight cuts.
  • Equipment associated with a weighing and modeling system of the product shape for more precision in cutting.
  • Evacuation of heels and first slice by elevator conveyor.
  • Possibility of making portions, slices, straight or tiled piles.


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