News | Automatic Multiformat Cartoning
02 Dec 2019

News | Automatic Multiformat Cartoning

iXAPACK GLOBAL offers several equipment solutions for your products cartoning. Sleeving with pre-shaped cartons or not, our machines are designed to package your products coming from the food and cosmetic industries: bags, trays, doypacks, pots, bottles…


The Top Load Cartoner makes it possible to shape cartons from flat blanks, to automatically introduce products using one or several tripod robots and to close the sleeve at a speed up to 65 cartons per minute. With fully automatic and motorized format changes (95 % of settings), it offers your operators ergonomics, ease of operation and speed.



The Side Cartoner is designed to form cartons from pre-shaped flat blanks, to automatically introduce products (bags, trays, pots…) and to close the carton. The Side Cartoner can reach speeds up to 200 cartons per minute. To adapt to all types of products, this Side Cartoner is available in 2 versions: with a product pushing system or with drawers.


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