News | Choose remote maintenance for your operators’ safety
16 Apr 2020

News | Choose remote maintenance for your operators’ safety

In these unprecedented times when travelling is restricted and everyone’s health is essential, choose a remote maintenance solution of your equipment.

  • Connected monitoring with access of our teams to the different machine parts (several degrees of access available)
  • Optimal support for your operators in the handling of settings and maintenance
  • Connection via a unique IP address, ensuring the security of your data
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive system, available for all equipment we offer



The remote maintenance system

Step 1 : Configuration of the Ewon® remote connection system in our workshops and installation of this system by your technicians

Step 2 : Connection of our teams to your network

Step 3 : Control of your machine by our operators while guiding your technicians

Connection system available starting at 600 €
An optimized profitable solution, saving you the cost of a maintenance technician’s trip

For more info, contact our after-sales service: [email protected] | +33 549 820 589


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