NEWS | Supplier of complete packaging lines
12 Mar 2020

NEWS | Supplier of complete packaging lines

Engineering, Manufacturing, Advices, Installation and follow-up: A complete offer at all levels

Rely on iXAPACK GLOBAL’s expertise to follow you through the whole project:

  • Projects study with footprint proposalsflow managementspeed evolutions,  packaging optimization, technical solutions…
  • Machines’ complete manufacturing in our workshops and installation of your conditioning line by our technicians in your facilities
  • Monitoring of your installations and training of your operators with our maintenance services
  • Formats addition and modification possible thanks to machines designed to be flexible to meet your future needs

Example of Complete Line for Pouches and Doypacks


Example of Complete line for Dairy sector


Example of Complete line for Biscuits, Bakery & Confectionery Products


Modular complete lines

ChocolatePrepared MealsCosmeticsDairy Products… Our Manufacturing capabilities allow to customize our wide range of standard equipment to fit suitably your lines for the variety of your products.

Questions about our complete lines?

Feel free to contact us for a quote or advice for your conditioning projects!

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