Our Palletizing Solutions for your end of lines
25 Jun 2020

Our Palletizing Solutions for your end of lines

Multiple Palletizing Solutions iXAPACK GLOBAL

To palletize your Cases, Bundled packs, Bags or Buckets, you need a Compact, Modular and Secure equipment. At iXAPACK GLOBAL, these essential criterias for your logistic are our priority!

For a layer, a row or a unit picking, our Palletizing solutions are flexible, enabling a cases column or crossed stacking positioning, with various possible lay out.

palletizing islet iXAPACK GLOBAL
Robotic Palletizing
Palletizing is carried out by an automated robotic islet enabling to handle up to 4 lines simultaneously, thanks to fast and controlled cycle times, in a secure enclosure.


Cartesian Palletizing iXAPACK GLOBAL
Cartesian Palletizing
Ideal for single-line palletizing, this compact and economical solution has a reduced foot print.


Palletizing Preparation tables
Flexible Preparation tables
Cases rotation, automatic distribution with barcode reading system for synchronized multiformat palletization. Managing upstream and downstream equipment is one of our specialty.


Turnkey Bespoke Palletizing Line
For an optimized management of your palletizing process, it is also possible to add to your lines a pallet unstacker and shuttles system for a fully automated handling of your full and empty pallets.

If you need more info about this equipment, download its technical sheet: Palletizing islet datasheet 

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