News | Multiple and Flexible Case Packing Solutions
13 Feb 2020

News | Multiple and Flexible Case Packing Solutions

For all your products in cases and trays, iXAPACK GLOBAL offers the ICP Case Packer, a fully automated equipment, enabling in 3 steps to shape, fill and close your cardboard packaging, within one single machine.
An ergonomic equipment adapted to your products diversity and also to your operators.


After loading the blanks magazine, fully adapted to your operators ergonomics, the case packing process begins with the automatic shaping of your multi-format cases or trays. Thanks to an intuitive HMI, the changing format is simplified and completely autonomous.



Using one or several Delta robots, the case and tray filling is carried out in a fully automated way. For more flexibility, the ICP Case Packer is able to sort out mixed flavours and various shapes of products within the same case.



Thanks to our Hot Melt gluing system, your cases are sealed by glue guns and pressors to make sure there will be no unsticking constraints in the cases handling process.



Cases, Trays, Crate, 4 Glued Corners Wrap Around, SRP with or without lid, our ICP Case Packer can handle a multitude of formats to suit your products packaging diversity.

Any question about this equipment? Feel free to contact us to talk about your project and to present our flexible solutions!
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